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Paper Crane 종이학

Paper Crane 종이학



Paper Crane 종이학
11" x 14"
Mixed media on Arches paper 

No frame included

I remember folding paper cranes when I was in elementary school. It's a popular belief that if you make 100, 1,000, or 10000 paper cranes, your wish comes true.  

After the pandemic, I visited my grandma's yakiniku restaurant while traveling in Seoul, South Korea and while we were having a meal together, she showed me a glass case filled with paper cranes that I folded about 20 years ago. I never knew she kept this safe and displayed it in the corner of her small restaurant. I will never forget that moment. I was very touched and reminded that my loved ones are always thinking of me, looking after me, and hoping my or their dreams come true. So this is my first paper crane in mixed media painting, using an expressive yet subtle background and color choice of a paper crane in Saekdong, a colorful strip traditionally representing Korean colors to show balance and belief in life. I hope you find beauty and joy while looking at my painting.

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