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Divine Series Statement

This is a series of realistic and expressionistic paintings depicting female musician and artist who inspire me to be a strong woman. By making their portraits I feel connected to fearless female artists who strive to follow their passion in creating art as well as advocating feminism through their work. This motivates me to be courageous and empowering women just like them. 


I use acrylic to capture their performing faces and create rhythmic movement. Lines and strokes of thick paints show their various energy. Drips of paints, selecting negative and positive spaces, organic vs. geometric shapes make the painting dynamic moving the viewers eyes to flow through the painting while engaging people to focus on the figure in the middle as a main point. I listen to their music while panting so I can feel their energy and depict them into works of art. 


I believe in power in art, and I am spreading empowering messages for women through my painting. 

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